European Mouflon

(Ovis gmelini musimon)

Originating from islands of Corsica and Sardinia, muflon was imported to Croatia first time to the Brijuni islands, from where it was transferred to the hunting grounds free range in which only we hunt (Sveti Juraj, Dugi otok and Jablanac) in the early 80’s.
Hunting muflons in coastal hunting grounds of the Mediterranean type is conducted throughout the day, by actively searching for muflons (guest hunter and expert guide). During the summer (from May to September), the hunt is conducted earlier in the morning and later in the afternoon because of the hot weather. In order to ensure the successful catch, other expert guide searches other grounds in the same time, finding moufflon groups with studs interesting for shooting. Muflon has a very good hearing and sight, and is therefore very hard to approach to in the rocky areas. It is regularly shot at distances ranging from 150 to 300 m. Muflon is a very hard to shoot, and it is therefore important that it is shot in the vital parts, and quite often the shoot needs to be repeated, and fired at the already wounded animal. During the shoot, attention needs to be paid to the wind direction and speed, and the advice of expert guide should be followed. We recommend using razant calibers and “soft” jacketed bullets
The most successful period for hunting is a mating season, during October and November.

Hunting prohibition

Muflon male – no prohibition dates
Muflon female and lamb from January 1st to July 31st

The best wild game trophies – Croatian champions

Hunting ground Year of cull Hunter Number of CIC point Number of SCI point
“Garjevica” 2002. Ivica Todorić 235,70 149 4/8

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